SEO and the Importance of Backlinks

SEO and the Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are a major part of SEO work and a major driver of traffic to your site. So let’s discuss the ins and outs of backlinks.

What are backlinks?

First of all, what is a backlink?  Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Essentially, if another website places a hyperlink to your website on their page, that is a backlink to your site.

Why are backlinks important?

Major search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the major factors in determining that websites search engine ranking. This gives a website credibility. The more outside website referring people to your site, the higher Google will rank you. They view that as a way to help determine if a site has legitimate and high quality content.

Types of Backlinks

Unnatural/Black Hat Link Building:

Google recently announced that it will be focusing its efforts on targeting websites, blogs, and backlink profiles that seem unnatural. This topic stems from the fact that individuals and agencies create traffic from simply commenting on blogs that are completely irrelevant to their business.  New algorithms are being written to target off topic link building and simply commenting on blog network to generating traffic. DO NOT ENGAGE IN BLACK HAT link building. Google will find out eventually what has happened and you can be blacklisted and sandboxed.

Natural/ White Hat Link Building:

It is always good practice to build links that are relevant to your business to reap long-term success. With the recent Panda updates released by Google, a flood of backlinks all at once are being sandboxed due to unnatural link building schemes.  Search engine bots want to see quality backlinks on your site, not mass produced irrelevant links. This means focusing on keyword-enhanced, quality content that others will want to share is key. Content is king in your website design and implementation.

Building a Comprehensive Link Strategy for Your Business:

You can grow your backlinks organically and naturally by utilizing a web design company, such as Moyego, that is committed to natural link building. Action items can include: directory submission, article submission, relevant social bookmarking, press release creation, social media usage, and quality content that will go viral.  Having a unique blend of content, including videos, photos, and written content, is the most powerful way to get your website to rank higher in the search engine pages. Also ensure that your content is refreshed frequently with content that has been keyword enhanced.


What backlinking tips or questions do you have?

SEO and the Importance of Backlinks

Keyword Optimization 101

Keyword Optimization 101

What exactly are keywords?

What are keywords? And what do you, as a business owner, need to know about them? Have you have ever “Googled” something such as “best SEO company in Edmonton” or “best pizza recipe”?  Those are keywords or keyword phrase searches. Technically a single word search like “pizza” is a keyword, but a searched phrase “best pizza” is a keyword phrase. Keyword phrases can be short (“best pizza”) or long (“the absolute best pizza in Edmonton”). Most popular “keywords ” are actually three to five word keyword phrases. Keywords, abridged, are simply what people are searching for on a search engine, whether that be words or phrases.

Whatever you type in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or your favorite search engine is, for all intents and purposes, a keyword. The textbook definition of keyword is a “term that encapsulates the essence of your text.” For your website, the content of the site should be brought down to a few key topic areas and keywords for that particular niche or area should be utilized.

How do you choose keywords?

Choosing keywords is very important. Some keywords will get a few clicks a day while some words get thousands of clicks per day. Both keywords, ones that get 2 clicks per day and ones that get 10,000 clicks per day, can cover the same exact topic and mean the same thing have the same exact meaning. So what makes them different? The issue boils down to what are people actually typing into the search bar? Researching exactly what people are searching and identifying trends is vital to keyword success.

Don’t spam your site with keywords.

Figure out which are the most searched words in your niche, then include them on your website as much as possible, but don’t do it arbitrarily. Arbitrarily placing keywords simply for the sake of search bots is called “keyword spamming”. You don’t want to do this. People do not like it, search bots ultimately find you out, and no one will like you if they find our your are spamming the web. The search engines who you’re technically “spamming” by doing it come up with new algorithms daily to help overcome the spam. In the long run you won’t be doing yourself any favors by spamming your site with keywords. Instead, do your research, write quality content, and keep keywords in the back of your mind.  This is your best bet for ongoing success.

Remember: People want information that helps them.

Having a team on your side that can monitor the changing landscape of SEO and keywords, as well as create content that is worthy of sharing, can help give your company the edge it needs to succeed. Contact Moyego to learn how we can help you stand out in a crowded sea of websites with high quality, keyword optimized content and branding strategy.

The Infographic Boom: Why Are Infographics So Popular?

The Infographic Boom: Why Are Infographics So Popular?

Where did it all start?

Infographics are surprisingly to many not a new concept. In fact, infographics have been around since long before the internet. An infographic is simply a graphic, visual representation of information, data,  or knowledge.  According to Wikipedia, the first examples of infographics can actually be found on cave walls. Many hieroglyphs would actually be considered infographics. They are visualizations of information or data that make a point and are appealing to the eye.

Today, our world is fast-paced and people like to get information as quickly as possible. We are used to the instant gratification and researching capabilities of the internet which has made it a no-brainer that infographics would catch on in the virtual realm. They have become so popular that you are most likely inundated with them every time you login to a social media platform.

However, they offer benefits that go beyond simply providing data.

What Can Infographics Do For Your Business?

Infographics can offer advantages to both the consumer and the business when utilized effectively.  Increased traffic and search engine optimization are key reasons that businesses utilize infographics into their branding. The idea is that to create a graphic that others will want to share on their own sites, links back to the original source of the infographic (your business) will benefit and will give you some SEO power. These links can offer traffic generation and search ranking increase.

Consumers enjoy infographics because they take large amounts of data and make them simple. No reading long articles, the key points are picked out and drawn up into a visually stunning graphic. They are both visually appealing and informative. Infographics put the data into a format that can be more easily taken in and can add to the understanding by appealing to our natural draw towards visual things.

How Do Infographics Work For You?

The main use of Infographics is for the SEO benefit of link backs. Links are extremely important in gaining higher search rankings. Links can be bought, traded for, or built using inorganic techniques. Infographics and quality site content are the most natural and honest form of gaining links without having to engage in shady tactics. Giving consumers what they want is the best way to gain strong back links and offer added value to your customer base.

The content must be high quality and informative to encourage others to want to share the graphic. You can bring value to your business through perfectly designed infographics. Let Moyego help bring your brands image to the infographic world with our custom inforgraphic services.


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